Our Foster Care Program is a critical piece of our lifesaving efforts and hundreds of lives can be saved each year if we can maintain an extensive Foster Network. When an animal is sick or injured or just needs someone to teach him basic manners and basic training, foster parents help fill the gap between the time the animal is brought into the Animal Control Shelters and the time they are adopted.

Foster parents can choose to foster kittens or puppies, pregnant mothers who should not be giving birth in a shelter environment, or any other dog or cat that fits in with your family's home.  There are also times when the shelters have cats and dogs who are ill or injured and need a short recuperative stay in someone’s home until they are adoptable. Our foster program gives parents a comprehensive manual and the support of our Foster Coordinator.   Currently the foster animals are taken into your home knowing that you will be physically and emotionally supportive of the animal until they are adopted. One Love supports their foster animals 100% with vetting and supplies as long as funds are available.  We do hold and attend adoption events to allow your pets to be seen and adopted out and ask for your participation in at least 2 events per month.  One Love host training sessions for our dogs and also asks the foster homes to attend 2 training classes per month with their foster dog.

We need foster homes to help us save lives. Join us in this extremely rewarding experience. We need you!

If you are interested in joining our Foster Network, please fill out the agreement below and email it to: and our Foster Coordinator will be in contact shortly.


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Foster Packet - 2.5.19.

One Love Home Visit Form

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