Happy Tails from Luna (fka Sapphire)

We recently got an update on volunteer favorite Luna (fka Sapphire) and we couldn't wait to share it with you! She is truly turning into a beautiful girl.

Luna (fka Sapphire, we decided to rename her) has been getting along great with Copper (fka Kelsey) and we have them both going to Club Fido twice a week. She also loves to squeak her toys constantly and chew on socks (thankfully not chew holes in them though! Just chew on them). She's also getting a lot better walking on a leash, although she sometimes likes to bark a little to much at other dogs and/or people. But we're working on that.


I've attached some images for you all to look at 🙂


Alisa & Pete, it looks like Luna truly has the perfect home with you! Thank you so much for the update and beautiful (and hilarious) pictures to go with it!

The One Love Family

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