Happy Tails from Lucy

Lucy (who was adopted from One Love as a puppy named Pebbles) came to OLAR with some neurological complications to tackle. We did just that and Lucy found an amazing home where she has just thrived. Here mom, Bridget, sent us this most recent update:

Happy Tails from Lucy
We just wanted to let you all know how well our girl Lucy is doing. She is such a sweetheart; so affectionate, so happy. We’re still working on her exposure to traffic sounds—this has been her biggest hurdle—but she has made such huge strides with everything since we first met her in 2015. We absolutely love this dog. She’s recently become a total water pup and swims out confidently into the lake all by herself! She likes riding on the paddle boards and kayaks,  retrieving balls from the water, and occasionally swimming out for a “rescue” . The life vest has helped her swimming technique and gives us a little peace of mind in case she were to get dizzy while swimming (although her spells in general happen much less frequently than before).

Lucy loves being told she’s a good girl, and still squirms around while she sits and “waits” for treats. She pins her sweet ears to the side when she greets people she loves or is feeling particularly proud of herself (see newspaper carrying photo). She and Rigby wrestle together every day, and that tail of hers stays happy curled pretty much all the time. She is just the best. 💛


Bridget, thank you so much for keeping us updated on this amazing girl! Lucy is such a lucky girl that she found you. Keep the pupdates coming!

The One Love Family

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