Update on Rocco and His Family!


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most amazing, lovable clown on four legs! The first week we had Rocco, my daughter brought one of her Great Pyrenees over for a play date. They had a blast and we have another play date scheduled for tomorrow. Last Sunday we had a family brunch so that everyone could meet our wonderful boy and it’s official…Rocco loves the grands and they love him. Those are three of our grands in the attached pictures. The two little ones, Luc and Lili, played all day with him and they were all worn out by the time they went home. We were a little concerned  about him being too rambunctious with the little ones, but he was a very gentle playmate. My son even came home from Athens to meet him. I was a little worried that he might try to sneak him in his car before he left…it was love at first sight. We’ve had no training issues. He has such a tender heart and spirit we find we don’t need to use a harsh tone with him. And we love his playfulness! Not a day has gone by that he hasn’t made us laugh…several times.  He does love to ride around the yard with Larry on the golf cart and we plan on riding him around the island this afternoon to see how he does. He is everything we hoped for in a dog and then some. I even caught him and Bustopher sharing a little head bump the other day. This is a match made in heaven."


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