Success Stories

Taken into foster care with her two brothers at just 5 days old, Shasta was fed with a syringe every 2-3 hours around the clock. One kitten fell ill suddenly and, sadly, he died. While the foster parents where heartbroken, they had to press on to care for the other two youngsters. Then, when a second kitten started showing signs of illness, he had an emergency vet visit. While the prognosis was not good, he and Shasta were both put on antibiotics. After two days, the sick kitten was responding better, and the foster parents were hopeful. And then again, a sudden and rapid turn for the worst, and the second kitten passed. Pouring all they had into keeping Shasta alive and well, these fosters now have a happy, healthy 9 week old foster failure. "We just couldn't bear to let her go."

Sweet Maggie Mae is HAPPY TO BE HOME! Look at that girl smile! We just loved her and are thrilled to know she now has the best mom ever! She is able to go to work with her mom every day. She goes on doggie play dates and loves everyone.

Ellie was one of the 10 bottle fed puppies rescued from the shelter. She is happy and healthy in her new home and loved by her big brother Duke who spends lots of time playing with her. Ellie doesn't meet a stranger and she is loved dearly by her new family! Thanks so much Katie and Matt!

Bella and her brother Diesel (pictured above) were found in a trash can at 5 days old and brought to the shelter where they were taken into foster care. She was so fragile when we received her with eyes and ears still closed and so tiny she had to be fed from a small syringe. They required around the clock feeding every hour and a half and we were just not sure if we were going to have what it takes for her to survive. But after long hours and sleepless nights, this little girl pulled thru! She is now happy and healthy and living in a home with 2 other furry siblings and loving life! This little ones will to survive has been an inspiration to all of those around her.