Puny, Max and Fluffy were found 27 March 2017 in a milk-crate by a ditch. They were about a week old and their mom could not be found. Since they were bottle fed, they are extremely used to being handled by their humans and are very affectionate and playful.

Puny is the runt of the litter and is much lighter than his brothers. He is the only one in the litter that looks to have medium-length fur. He has the most beautiful ears and tail. He also is very soft and loves for his humans to pet him. He will probably grow up to me one of the most handsome cats. He is very playful and loves to either snuggle with his brother Fluffy or just plops down anywhere to nap. He gets along very well with all the other cats in the household.

We are taking applications now at: http://oneloveanimalrescue.com/pre-adoption-application/

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