lab mix, 2 years old, current on vaccines, microchipped and neutered.

Gonzo would appreciate a fenced yard to run and play with and another doggie sibling.
Smart as all get out:  He taught himself to operate a two stage baby gate that included a spring loaded slide lock and a lift handle.  Using his dew claw to slide the slide lock, his mouth to lift the handle at the same time and pushing to get it open.  I flipped the gate so that everything worked opposite... he retaught himself with the opposite paw and to pull the gate.
Knows several commands well:
Down (lay down)
Heel (accompanied by a slap on my hip)
Get your toy
Time for bed (Go in your crate)
Bang (accompanied by shooting him with your finger)  He will lay down and roll on his back
Out of the Kitchen (go to another area, other than the kitchen or dining room)
Off (put your paws on the floor)
Do you want to go out?  (if he does, he will go to the door.  If he doesn't he will go to his crate)
Lets go for a ride (get in the truck) which he loves
He has commands for us too:
Paws on the door (I want to go out or come in)
Audible "Yawn"...   (I'm serious.... I really have to go!)
Will touch your leg or foot when he's hungry
He will dig his nose under your arms or hands when he wants lovin'

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