Help a Mutt, Buy a Butt!

It's that time of the year again; our 5th annual "Butts for Mutts" fundraiser is here! October 7th with pick-up times from 10am-2pm.

What: 5th Annual Butts for Mutts
When: October 7th, 2017, pickup from 10am-2pm
Where: Life Church at Ardsley Park, 3802 Bull Street, Savannah, GA
Price: $30 per butt
How: Call Jimmy at (912) 308-8001 or email

Here's how it works: You purchase your "pre-sale" ticket(s) for your whole Boston butt (approximately 8lbs pre-cooked). Our pit master Jimmy, along with his army of volunteers, will be up all night smoking your butt to perfection. Then, you come pick it up and feast on the incredible juicy butt made just for you. Tickets are only $30, and local Savannah delivery is available on orders of 5 butts or more.

These Boston butts are great for an amazingly easy Saturday dinner with the family, or are the perfect centerpiece to a neighborhood gathering. Not sure you can eat a whole butt? Thats okay, they actually freeze very well and can be pulled out for a quick dinner later on. Trust us, we have had some rave reviews over the years and these butts won't disappoint!

To pre-order your butt(s), please call our pit master Jimmy at (912) 308-8001 or send us an email to

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