Happy Tails from Poldark

Mr. Poldark (who is know known as Percy) has turned out to be a total love bug and is defiantly fitting right in with his forever family! His momma sent us this amazing update:

Happy Tails Story from Poldark (nka Percy)His new name is Percy and he has fit in so well with our family. He's very smart, very cuddly, and is constantly trying to love on someone. He adores my five year old son (probably because the have the same crazy energy level). He is exactly what our other dog needed to get out of her little depression - they are constantly playing. Even our cat has warmed up to him! We also swabbed his cheeks and sent in a DNA test, so we should know part of what he is mixed with within the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much for adopting him to us. We all love him so much already!


Kara, it was absolutely our pleasures helping your family and Percy find each other! We cannot tell you how exciting it is when perfect matches like this come along. When you get the DNA results back, we would love to know just what this precious boy is.

The One Love Family

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