Happy Tails from Buster Douglas

Our strapping young lad Buster Douglas was adopted recently and has found hims self surrounded by family, including a new fur brother and a kitty. His new family couldn't wait to keep up to date on his antics.
Success Story- Buster Douglas

Buster and Peanut are total lovebirds and have been inseparable. They voluntarily snuggled right up together on the couch last night and slept soundly until we put them to bed as you can see in the picture I've attached. We may need to get another couch since they both love lounging so much haha.

Buster learned to play tug of war yesterday and so him and Peanut have been having a great time. The cat's love of food overcame her uncertainness of Buster today as well and they finally came face to face without a gate for the first time. All went well with that! He followed her back to our room from a distance, but is overall completely uninterested in her. We seriously couldn't have asked for a better pup! He has had no problems chewing, has had no accidents, provides us and Peanut that much extra love and happiness, and he did great with the cat! He is definitely one of a kind little man.

Congratulations to Buster and his jackpot family! We look forward to more updates as he continues to grow will all of you.

The One Love Family

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