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Happy Updates of OLAR Adopted Friends

Here are a few new happy home updates!! We are catching up with Martin (Bo), Stella and Duncan.
Update on Marvin:
Marvin is now Bo and he is doing wonderful! He's a really great puppy. He knows how to sit, loves his crate, is potty trained and we are currently working on being bell trained. He loves being outside (usually when it's a little cooler in the evening) and splashing in his water bowl. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to call this little man mine.
Update on Stella:
Stella has really settled into the dynamic of our family and although she's as much an exuberant puppy as ever, she's really matured these last few weeks in terms of routine and training. She's mastered house training, is an expert with basic commands (sit, shake, outside, potty, etc), walks perfectly on a leash, plays fetch like a pro and is getting along with Sasha and Monty superbly! Her happy, playful demeanor is boundless and she and Sasha play constantly - tug toys, running, chasing, friendly wrestling and rolling around, etc.  In fact, she's 25 pounds now! Everyone who meets her absolutely adores her... she is such a loving, joyful girl! When we're out and about, at the vet's office, meeting new people, when Paul takes her to work, she's always the social butterfly!
Update on Duncan:
Duncan adjusted to us and his new residence by noon the next day and now it’s like he’s lived here forever. We love him!!! ….and he loves us.Duncan is the best thing to happen to us since we lost our German Shepherd last year. Thank you all.


Happy Tails Update-Bonnie

**HAPPY TAILS UPDATE FROM BONNIE'S ADOPTER** "Miss Bonnie is doing great! We moved at the beginning of June and she has adjusted very well. Our new home has a backyard 2-3 times bigger than the one we had before and it's fully fenced in, so she LOVES it! We realize more and more every day…
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Happy Tails Update- Landon

**HAPPY TAILS UPDATE FROM LANDON'S ADOPTER** "Landon is doing fantastic! We renamed him Kingston, because of your One Love Animal Rescue name! Bob Marley was a famous reggae singer whose most famous song was called "One Love" and he was from Kingston, Jamaica. So we thought it was a fitting tribute to your awesome rescue…
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Happy Cats, Happy Owners- Updates

It was a good week for our OLAR cats....4 cat adoptions! Smiling faces, lots of cuddles and some happy families as Sheldon, Storm, Jubilee and Missy went home.

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We Love Our Volunteers

WE have AMAZING news, we were able to transport  six dogs from Savannah Animal Control off to West Virginia and New Jersey. New relationships are building and more animals are being saved. A very special thank you to Christina and Alex who are making this incredible Voyage. What a wonderful mission for a mother and daughter and a memorable day that they will have.

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Updates on a few OLAR Adoptions!

Here are a few recent OLAR Success Story's and current photos. - Tucker Check-in! I just can't thank you enough for the opportunity to adopt Tucker last year! He is the sweetest, cuddliest lovey bear ever! He's eager to please. He gives new life to our 12 year old dog, Sandie! She actually plays a…
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A HUGE Thanks!

OLAR Would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Habersham YMCA. They organized, donated and helped to to collect some amazing donations for our cats and dogs. We are so touched to be part of this community effort!! Thank you! We appreciate you.13307382_1176137669104825_604416292864575381_n 13327498_1176137695771489_3447780292734526563_n

Fostering is Rewarding!

One of our foster mom's wrote a wonderful article about her experience caring for Phoenix under One Love's care, in her magazine. Check it out! Thank you Karen to your lovely, supportive article! Ardsley Living - One Love Feature
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ONE LOVE- In the News!

Breckin.4Breckin Says: "Woof Woof WOOF ONE LOVE", which translates to: Extra Extra, ONE LOVE in in the news!!

Thanks to all the media and folks who came out and supported us Saturday for Paws for a Cause- a HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!!! A very special thank you to The Foundery Coffee Pub, Karrie Bulski and Nicole Edge for hosting and putting this awesome event together. We appreciate all our volunteers and all those who keep us doing what we do best, saving animals and helping them to find the best home for each one. Thank you!

Paws for a Cause- WJCL Video

Happy Tails- OLAR Updates!

To help start your week off right here are some happy tail updates of OLAR animals and their forever homes. FELIX & ARCHIE- Felix and Archie are a delight and we love them to pieces. The boys have made themselves right at home and get along well with their fur brothers and sister. MIRIAM NKA…
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